The Final Albert Mohler Program

Since 2004, The Albert Mohler Program has been nationally syndicated.  On today's final live broadcast, Dr. Mohler reflects on his years as host.  Wit...

July 3, 2010

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An Interview with the Son of Hamas Mosab Hassan Yousef

An Encore Presentation of March 23, 2010 ...

June 28, 2010

How Should We Speak of Islam?

An Encore Presentation of April 23, 2010 ...

June 25, 2010

40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible: An Interview with Rob Plummer

One of the glaring weaknesses that exists in the church today is an inability to rightly interpret the Scriptures.  Far from being an abstract subject only to be discussed in the seminary classroom, the right interpretation of Scripture is essential ...

June 24, 2010

A Christian Understanding of Animals

The treatment of animals is increasingly becoming an important question for Christians to address.  On today's program, Dr. Mohler addresses this important question by exhorting Christians from the Scriptures.  While man alone is made in God's image, ...

June 22, 2010

Are Fathers Necessary?

This is the question posed by Pamela Paul in her latest article in The Atlantic.  Relevant data demonstrates that Ms. Paul is not the only person asking this question.  Largely marginalized by the culture, the importance of Fatherhood is now being qu ...

June 21, 2010

Aborting the “Wrong” Baby?

An Encore Presentation of April 19, 2010 ...

June 18, 2010

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