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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

PART I When Will SCOTUS Take Up the Trans Issue? The Inevitability of a Big Case Over Transgenderism Hitting the Nation’s High Court

PART II Parents Don’t Want Transgender Athletes on School Sports Teams, Even in New York — And the Pushback is Nothing More than Moral Coercion

PART III President Biden Looks to Turn Back Advances of Women and Girls in Name of Transgender Support — What Placing ‘Trans Rights’ Under Title IX Really Means

PART IV Your Neighborhood Gym Enters the Culture Wars: Fitness Facility Wrestles with Locker Room Policy and Sexual Revolution

PART V A Deliberate Rejection of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful: The Unspeakably Ugly New Portrait of King Charles III

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

PART I A Shot Ricocheting Across the World: ICC Announces War Crime Charges Against Netanyahu and Israel’s Defense Chief Along With Leader of Hamas

PART II The ICC Misses the Bomber Pilot for the Death Squad: The False Moral Equivalence of the ICC and the Undercutting of Just War Theory

PART III The U.S. Can Never Join the ICC or Recognize Its Jurisdiction: The Sanity and Morality Behind the U.S. Rejection of ICC’s Jurisdiction and War Crime Charges Against Israel

PART IV Absolute Banality, a Rejection of Roman Catholic Doctrine, and Abandonment of the Gospel: Pope Francis’s Interview on 60 Minutes

PART V The Woke Pope: Liberal Pope Francis Continues to Divide the Catholic Church — And Its By His Own Intention

Monday, May 20, 2024

PART I Harrison Butker, the Latest Heretic to Our Modern Secular Age: The Left in a Rage After Butker’s Commencement Address to Benedictine College

PART II Creation Order Leads to Human Happiness: But Harrison Butker’s Words to the Young Men and Women at Benedictine College Led to Outrage

PART III A Parable of Our Secular Age: Larry Hogan Makes 180 Degree Turn on Abortion for Political Expediency

PART IV An Unstable, Dangerous Part of the World Just Got More Unstable and Dangerous: Iran’s President and Other Leaders Appear to be Dead After Helicopter Crash

Friday, May 17, 2024

PART I Higher Education Has a Quality Control Problem: Systemic Fraud Within Academic Journals

PART II Sorority Sisters Sue Over New Member: Transgender Sorority “Sister” Sparks Controversy on University Campus

PART III How Do We Hold Together God’s Sovereignty in Salvation and the Mandate for Evangelism? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing

PART IV How Do We Analyze the News Without Becoming a Sad Christian? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing

PART V What Advice Do You Have for a Young Deacon? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing

PART VI What Does Healthy Masculinity Look Like in Our Confused World? — Dr. Mohler Responds to a Letter from a 12-Year-Old Listener of The Briefing

Thursday, May 16, 2024

PART I The World is Reaching a Catastrophic Fertility Rate: The Huge Demographic Changes Taking Place Before Our Eyes Worldwide

PART II Secularization, Lifestyle Choices, and Complexities of Modernity: The Devastating Causes of the Falling Birth Rates Worldwide

PART III Our Society Has an Increasing Death Impulse: Even After Statewide Abortion Bans, the Abortion Rate Keeps Creeping Up

PART IV Residency Students Look to States Without Abortion Bans? What Does It Say of the Medical Community That is So Committed to the Culture of Death?

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

PART I Same-Sex Marriage Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary: How the Revolutions Over Contraceptives and Divorce Led to the Sexual Revolution and the Attempted Redefinition of Marriage

PART II How Did Our Culture Come to Affirm Same-Sex Marriage? The Moral, Social, and Political Activism That Led to Our Current Cultural Revolution and Moral Shift

PART III Target Tones Down Pride Month Displays: Don’t Be Fooled, This is About Marketing, Not Morality

PART IV Moral Agenda Through Smoke and Mirrors: How Corporate America Pushes the Cultural Revolution

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

PART I Nihilism Hits a Wall: Jerry Seinfeld Gets Crossways with the Cultural Left

PART II Where Does the U.S. Stand with Israel Now? Rafah, President Biden’s Comments, and the Intricacies of Israel’s Self-Defense Intermingled with U.S. Interests

PART III U.S. Senator Bob Menendez Corruption Trial Begins with Huge Moral Significance — And His Defense Strategy Includes Blaming It on His Wife

Monday, May 13, 2024

PART I A Preschooler Can See It, Why Not the Rest? The Redefined Family Collides with Mother’s Day

PART II No, a Same-Sex Couple Does Not Have Fertility Issues: Gay Couple in New York Files Claim for Lack of ‘IVF Benefits’

PART III President Biden Threatens Israel’s Ability to Defend Itself: A Block on Arms is a Gift to Hamas

Friday, May 10, 2024

PART I Federal Court Rules Catholic School Has Right to Be Catholic: Huge Win for Religious Freedom as Court Sides with Catholic School’s Firing of Teacher in Same-Sex Marriage

PART II What are Your Most and Least Favorite Aspects of Being President of an Academic Institution? What Advice Do You Have for a Christian with Higher Education Leadership Ambitions? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing

PART III My Adult Son Embraced a Sinful Lifestyle and Walked Away from the Lord. Does That Disqualify Me from Ministry? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing

PART IV How Can Girls Dress Modestly Without Being Legalistic, and How Can Boys Take Ownership of Their Thoughts Towards Young Women? — Dr. Mohler Responds to a Letter from a 15-Year-Old Listener of The Briefing

PART V How Can I Share the Gospel with an Atheist Who is Coming to My School to Share His View on the Origin of the Earth? — Dr. Mohler Responds to a Letter from a 12-Year-Old Listener of The Briefing

PART VI How Do You Respond to Conservatives Today Who Denigrate Conservative Bastions Like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing

Thursday, May 9, 2024

PART I Can a Christian Be Scotland’s First Minister (Prime Minister)? The Controversy Over Kate Forbes Reveals the Victory of Secularism

PART II No, Religious Belief and Political Beliefs Cannot Be Separated: Secularists Demand Impossible Task of Casting Theological Beliefs From the Public Square

PART III ‘I Had No Idea Within Less Than 3 Minutes I Would Be in Handcuffs’: Faculty Backing Campus Protests Face Reality … a Bit Too Late

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