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As Summer Ends — (Late) Summer Reading List 2022

This year my Summer Reading List is definitely testing the boundaries of summer. But I claim as justification the fact that the days are still warm an...

August 8, 2022

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The Gathering Storm over Western Civilization

This article is an excerpt from the introduction of Dr. Mohler's newest book, The Gathering Storm: Secularism, Culture, and the Church. For more information, click here. To order a copy of the book, click here.  It was as if Western civilization w ...

June 23, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control, Coronavirus, and the Importance of Religious Liberty

According to recent headlines, there is friction between the Trump administration and the Centers for Disease Control. The issue between the two stems from whether or not the CDC would or should release procedures for religious organizations and reli ...

May 22, 2020

More Than an Idle Threat: Real Assaults on Religious Liberty Emerge in the Pandemic

A chilling headline ran over the weekend from CNN: “Louisville Police Officers to Record License Plate Numbers of Easter Weekend Church Goers.” Over the course of this pandemic, I’ve consistently argued that churches should follow generally applic ...

April 13, 2020

Religious Tradition or Resurrection Truth? Understanding the Difference in a Pandemic

A sign of the times is often found in a headline. Kate Cohen wrote an article for The Washington Post with the headline, “Even Those of Us Who Don’t Believe Need What Religion Can Provide Right Now.” Such a headline points to a functionalist under ...

April 10, 2020

What Does It Mean to Be a Hero? Who Are Our Heroes?

According to the dictionary, heroism comes down to courage, achievement, and morality—noble qualities, at least in theory. Heroes are those who achieved great things, risked much, and exuded enormous virtue. From a Christian perspective, we have to l ...

March 30, 2020

Save Lives First, Repair the Economy Second: A Matter of Christian Priorities

Enormous questions emerge in the wake of the COVID-19 virus. Some particular questions emerge unexpectedly and explode into a public conversation with significant ramifications. This has happened over the last couple of days with some very controv ...

March 27, 2020

Obedience to God and Love of Neighbor in the Face of a Coronavirus: A Christian’s Mandate

Just this week, I spoke with a national reporter for a major newspaper who asked me why people, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, are almost universally asking some of the most urgent and important questions any human being could ask. I answere ...

March 26, 2020

The Culture of Death Reclaims Ground in Germany: A Renewed Threat to Human Life

The culture of death continues to advance across western civilization—most recently in the nation of Germany, where the country’s highest court overturned a legislative ban on euthanasia. Christopher Schuetze of The New York Times wrote, “Germany’ ...

March 5, 2020

Are the Democrats Really Close to an Openly Socialist Nominee?

The 2020 Democratic Presidential Caucus in Nevada is now history, and history will record that Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won by a landslide. With 100% of the precincts reporting, Senator Sanders received 46.8% of the vote—a 26% le ...

February 24, 2020

Valentine’s Day and the Unending Love of God

For Christians, even a cursory glance at the day’s headlines will leave us with but one conclusion: the world is lost and confused. That reality is especially evident on a day like Valentine’s Day, where the culture reveals just how much it has lo ...

February 14, 2020

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