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Friday, December 4, 2020

One Reason the American Birth Rate Is Falling? Car Seats? The Research Is Serious and the Evidence is Compelling Policies Have Consequences, and the Worst Policies Have the Worst Consequences: A Two-Child Limit for Welfare Benefits in Great Britain Led to More Abortions During Pandemic When Having Children is an Act of Defiance: China’s Draconian “One Child Only” Policy and its Continuing Effects Flirty Won’t Be Flying Any Longer: U.S. Transportation Department Corrects a Policy that Had Unintended Consequences

December 4, 2020


United States

Monday, October 26, 2020

Final Vote on Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to Occur This Evening: What Should We Expect? Barrett Faces Criticism for Serving as Trustee for Christian Schools That Hold to Christian View of Sexuality, and We’re All Supposed to Be “Petrified” No Issue Stands Alone: The Logic of Roe v. Wade Leads to Demands for Legal Physician-Assisted Suicide Veggie Burgers and Veggie Tubes? European Parliament Debates Whether Non-Meat Products Can Be Identified with Meat Terminology

October 26, 2020


Friday, October 9, 2020

Policy Differences on Clear Display in Vice Presidential Debate: Obamacare, Abortion, Court Packing, and More What Happened to Political Courage? Former Vice President Joe Biden Refuses to Reveal His Position on Court Packing Opening the Door to a Dangerous Biotechnological Revolution: Nobel Prize Awarded to Two Scientists who Pioneered CRISPR Gene Editing Tool Who Was That Fly and Why Were We All So Fascinated by It? A Big Lesson from a Little Creature

October 9, 2020



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