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Friday, March 25, 2022

Fido Goes Paleo? Vegan? Ashwaganda Root Dog Food? When Pet Owners Feed Their Pets As They Feed Themselves, They Reveal More Than They Think A Life That Tells the Story of the Twentieth Century, and the Story of America — Madeleine Albright Dies at Age 84 Should I Remove My Daughter from a School That Employs A Transgender Teacher for Children in the First Grade? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing Will My Mother Go to Hell for Believing Her Baptism Gets Her to Heaven? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing Why Does the Apostles’ Creed Single Out Pontius Pilate? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing Does Romans 2:14 Mean that Gentiles Can Obey the Law Without the Holy Spirit? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing How Does the Holy Spirit Speak? Is It Through a Microphone? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Question from a Three-Year-Old Listener of The Briefing

March 25, 2022



Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Opening Confirmation Hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Sets Stage for an Important Week in American History A Clash of Judicial Philosophies: How Should Judges Interpret the Constitution? Parallel of Law and Theology: How A Reader Reads One Text Will Affect How He Interprets Another, Including the Bible and the U.S. Constitution The Toads are Smoked? Psychedelic Venom of Sonoran Toad Shows New Lengths Humans Will Go to Escape Reality

March 22, 2022

Economy & Work

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Big Government Fumbles Again: Legal Cannabis, ‘Equity,’ and a Society Losing Its Mind Stormy Ethics Indeed: Brain Death, Xenotransplantation, and Arguments Over Who Should—Or Should Not—Receive Organ Transplants ‘Dump the Character Standard’: Former Baseball Commissioner Argues Character Should Not Matter for Hall of Fame

February 1, 2022



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