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Friday, September 23, 2022

‘We Live in a Society of Unfiltered Liberalism, and It Functions Like a Religion’: The Religious Shape of Secularism Beaver Dams and the Glory of God: Some Farmers and Ranchers Change Their Minds About Beavers What Bible Verses Should Be the Basis of Law and Applicable to All People? What Commands are Applicable for Only Christians? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing Do We Concede the Point to the LGBTQ Agenda If We Use the Phrase "Biological Male?” — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing Do You Think That We Rely Too Much on the Simple Reading of the Text in our Bible Studies and Church Services? Should We Return to the Use of Art? — Dr. Mohler Responds to Letters from Listeners of The Briefing

September 23, 2022



Monday, August 8, 2022

Is Corporate America Lining Up Against Pro-Life Efforts? Big Business Pushes Back Against Pro-Life Momentum as the Fault Lines of U.S. Politics are Being Redrawn State by State The Most Pro-Abortion President in U.S. History is Not Pro-Abortion Enough for His Party? They Also Complain He Doesn’t Like to Use the Word ‘Abortion' It’s Monkey vs. Humans in Japan: The Nation Wrestles with a Macaque Problem—and the Macaques Are Getting Smarter

August 8, 2022


Thursday, June 30, 2022

Looking Back and Looking Forward as This Season of The Briefing Comes to a Close — What To Watch for In the War of Ukraine Japan Understands What Marriage Is and Legislates Accordingly: Court Upholds Ban on Same-Sex Marriage and Affirms Procreation Two Reformed Denominations Make Important Moves to Defend Biblical Teaching on Homosexuality ‘I’m Up for Some Pride Bocce.’: Former Bush Speech Writer Celebrates Pride Month, Questions Bible’s Teaching on Sexuality Watch the White House: Biden Administration Scrambles in Wake of Roe Reversal New Zealand Moves to Tax Cow Burps. Seriously.

June 30, 2022



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