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Why Do People Do Stupid Things?

While the question may seem a bit odd, the daily newspaper provides indisputable evidence that people do stupid things.  From lying about their past military service to adulterous affairs, human beings do stupid things because human beings are sinner ...

May 27, 2010

Tiger Woods’ Buddhist Confession

Tiger Woods’ recent apology for his moral failures have brought Buddhism to the center of the popular conversation around the world.  Woods confessed that he violated his Buddhist faith by craving things outside of himself and engaging in a fruitless ...

February 22, 2010

NewsNote: Tiger Woods’ Buddhist Confession

Americans are accustomed to a certain kind of public confession, argues Susan Wise Bauer -- and that means a confession that is shaped by the Christian faith. Indeed, in her seminal book, The Art of the Public Grovel, Bauer argues that Americans are ...

February 22, 2010

Hindsight — The Most Newsworthy Events of 2009

The year 2009 is still very close in the rear-view mirror, and what a year it was. The year was significant for any number of reasons, including the fact that it marked so many anniversaries.  2009 marked the fortieth anniversary of Woodstock and the ...

January 5, 2010

Guarding the Heart from Adultery: Killing Opportunity

Marriage is a definitive moral statement.  Regardless of how confused Americans are about any number of ethical issues, people still understand that marriage is unique to two people and should not be broken.  The recent fall of Tiger Woods supports t ...

December 14, 2009

The Travail of Tiger Woods — Lessons Not to Be Missed

The travail of Tiger Woods entered a new chapter over the weekend as Accenture, a global consulting firm, severed all ties with the world's most famous golfer. In doing so, Accenture became the first of Woods's major sponsors to end its relationship ...

December 14, 2009

Ask Anything Wednesday

Call with your question - you set the agenda. 1-877-893-TALK(8255) ...

December 9, 2009

President Clinton’s Spiritual Enablers Reaping an Unholy Harvest

Americans attempting to reconcile President Clinton's sex scandals with his membership in a Baptist church received a little assistance from the November 2 1998 issue of Newsweek magazine. The newsmagazine presented an analysis of the President as "B ...

July 16, 2009

The Real Revolutionaries: The Elections and the Culture War

In one of the strangest political reverses in history, the 1998 elections have been turned into a referendum on the Religious Right and the Republican Congress. Democratic leaders, on cue from the White House, have successfully turned the table ...

July 16, 2009

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