Christian parents: Something wicked this way comes

Will Christian parents face criminal charges for resisting the LGBTQ revolution when it comes for their own children? Should the state "protect" LGBTQ children and teenagers from their own parents? Has our society lost its mind?...

November 17, 2022



Your soul or your job? You choose

Will your church membership cost you your job? It's not just a hypothetical question. The new chief executive of a major Australian sports franchise lasted exactly one day on the job after a hideous scandal was discovered-he attends an evangelical church and leads its board. That was enough to get him booted from his job and roundly pummeled in the...

November 5, 2022

United States

A duel for the ages in California

Headlines from the People's Republic of California rain down like a progressivist flood, and the state's government is virtually a one-party system when it comes to statewide office. Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed more than a dozen pro-abortion measures in recent days, he is a lead driver of the LGBTQ revolution, and he is eager to lead the para...

November 3, 2022

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