The Briefing 03-04-15

The Briefing 03-04-15

Podcast Transcript

1) Netanyahu’s Congress address exposes wide differences in view of challenge of Iran

Netanyahu, in Speech to Congress, Criticizes ‘Bad Deal’ on Iran Nuclear Program, New York Times (Peter Baker)

Obama lays out Iran nuclear deal conditions as Netanyahu visit begins, Los Angeles Times (David Lauter and Evan Halper)

2) Gay marriage plaintiffs claim the ‘right side of history’ before Supreme Court 

Gay marriage proponents claim ‘right side of history’, USA Today (Richard Wolf)

3) California GOP recognition of gay group too little, too late to get on ‘right side of history’

State GOP formally welcomes gays to the party, Los Angeles Times (Seema Mehta and Melanie Mason)

It was long past time for state GOP to recognize gay fundraising group, Los Angeles Times (Editorial Board)




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