Briefing 06-26-14

Briefing 06-26-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Supreme Court’s liberals and conservatives united on right to privacy

Major Ruling Shields Privacy of Cellphones, New York Times (Adam Liptak)

2) 10th Circuit Court upholds same-sex marriage, paves way for Supreme Court decision on issue

10th Circuit Court upholds same-sex marriage, Salt Lake Tribune (Jessica Miller, Kirsten Stewart and Pamela Manson)

U.S. appeals court backs gay marriage in conservative Utah, Reuters (Daniel Wallis)

3) VP Biden declares same-sex marriage should trump cultural values

Joe Biden: U.S. backs gay rights, Politico (AP)

4) Canadian party leader rules all members must vote pro-choice, regardless of conviction

 In Justin Trudeau’s world, Christians need not apply, National Post (Rex Murphy)

 Religion and politics don’t mix, National Post (Letters to the Editor)

5) Hollywood “fever” over contagions reveals human fixation on end of the world

Staying Afloat in End Times, New York Times (Alessandra Stanley)

TV goes viral, in a big way, USA Today (Bill Keveney)

An Outbreak of Hysteria Novels, Wall Street Journal (Alexandra Alter)

Germs Warfare, Wall Street Journal (Nancy DeWolf Smith)

C.D.C. Details Anthrax Scare for Scientists at Facilities, New York Times (Sabrine Tavernise and Donald G. McNeil, Jr.)

West Africa’s ebola epidemic is ‘out of control’, death toll rises to 337, Times of India (AFP)

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