The Briefing 03-19-14

The Briefing 03-19-14

1) Cultural left wonders if they made right decision on religious liberty in Arizona

Choosing What to Photograph Is a Form of Speech, Wall Street Journal (Eugene Volokh and Ilya Shapiro)

Restricting religion will not unite us, USA Today (Oliver Thomas)

2) In a moral revolution, those who refuse to celebrate are now condemned

Kwame Anthony Appiah finds unity in cosmopolitan outlook, Louisville Courier Journal (Matt Frassica)

3) Israel demands to be recognized as – not just a state – but a Jewish state

Jewish State Declaration Is Unyielding Block to a Deal, New York Times (Mark Landler)

4) Will Edwin Edwards’ years in prison keep him out of office?

After Years in Politics and Prison, Louisiana Ex-Governor Will Run for Congress, New York Times (Campbell Robertson)

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