The Briefing 03-18-14

The Briefing 03-18-14

1) St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Homosexuals don’t just demand participation, but celebration

Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Breaks Barriers, but Its Parade Does Not, New York Times (Katharine Q. Seelye)

Guinness Withdraws Sponsorship of St. Patrick’s Day Parade, New York Times (Ashley Southall)

New York’s St. Patrick’s parade marches on amid gay rights controversy, Reuters (Victoria Cavaliere)

2) God-optional synagogue? Either religion is a human construct, or it is revealed truth

Synagogue, Rebooted, New York Times (John Leland)

3) Unitarian Universalists selling headquarters: “To be relevant, we have to move to innovation district”

Denominations Downsizing and Selling Assets in More Secular Era, New York Times (Michael Paulson)

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