The Briefing 03-13-14

The Briefing 03-13-14

1.¬†Obama, Putin, and the naivety of the West’s “hope against reality”

Misunderestimating Vladimir, Wall Street Journal (Bret Stephens)

The Ukraine Blame-Game, The Economist (Editorial board)

2. China faces security challenges with world’s longest land border

China Expands Into a World of Peril, Wall Street Journal (Andrew Browne)

3. Increased diagnoses of ADHD, and the medication that comes with it, goes global

How Attention-Deficit Disorder went Global, Wall Street Journal (Stephen P. Hinshaw and Richard M. Scheffler)

Report Says Medication Use is Rising for Adults with Attention Disorder, New York Times (Alan Schwarz)

4. Celebrated and successful Japanese composer is revealed as a fake

Disgraced Musician Faces an Angry Japan, New York Times (Hiriko Tabuchi)

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