The Briefing 03-04-14

The Briefing 03-04-14

1) We may lose the marriage argument with the culture, but we’re in trouble if we lose it with our kids

A Shifting Landscape, Public Religion Research Institute

Survey: Americans turn sharply favorable on gay issues, Religion News Services (Cathy Lynn Grossman)

2) Hell might not make you happy, but it is a reality

People Who Believe In Hell Tend To Be Less Happy, New Survey Shows, Huffington Post (Wynne Perry)

The Emotional Toll of Hell, Plos One (Azim F. Shariff and Lara B. Aknin)

3) “Daddy Wears a Dress” – French children’s books designed to “counter gender stereo-typing”

Everybody naked! The Economist

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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