The Briefing 02-28-14

The Briefing 02-28-14

1) Inevitability of vast new “designer baby” industry

Forecast: The world in 2114, Financial Times

2) FDA considers fertility procedure allowing for “three-parent babies”

F.D.A. Weighs Fertility Method That Raises Ethical Questions, New York Times (Sabrina Tavernise)

FDA weighs risks of 3-person embryo fertilization, USA Today (Karen Weintraub)

Genetically Modified Babies, New York Times (Marcy Darnovsky)

3) Search and destroy mission in the womb

Family With a Risk of Cancer Tries to Change Its Destiny, Wall Street Journal (Bonnie Rochman)

Ethics Questions Arise as Genetic Testing of Embryos Increases, New York Times (Gina Kolata)

Test Is Improved Predictor of Fetal Disorders, New York Times (Pam Belluck)

4) Two words that don’t belong together: “Reality” and “TV”

Survival TV strips down, takes off, USA Today (Ann Oldenburg)


R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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