The Briefing 02-20-14

The Briefing 02-20-14

1. Civil war threat in Ukraine and violence breaks out in Thai capital

New Ukraine clashes shatter shaky truce, USA Today (Olga Rudenko and Jennifer Collins)

Wave of Violence Grips Thai Capital, Wall Street Journal (James Hookway and Warangkana Chomchuen)

2. Boy Scouts lost 6% of membership amid new homosexual policy

Boy Scouts’ Ranks Drop After Year of Policy Change, Associated Press

3. Christians accused of applying Jim Crow laws with same-sex couples

Jim Crow Laws for Gays and Lesbians?, USA Today (Kirsten Powers)

Are Conscientious Christians the New Jim Crow?, (Denny Burk)

4. Faith healing couple in Philadelphia charged with murder

Murder Charges Retained Against NE Philadelphia Faith-Healing Couple, CBS Philly (Tony Hanson)

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