The Briefing 02-04-14

The Briefing 02-04-14

1) Debating the debate: Ken Ham and Billy Nye debate controversial before it starts

Evolution vs. creationism | Bill Nye The Science guy takes on Creation Museum founder, Louisville Courier-Journal (Chris Kenning)

Debate poses question: Creation or Evolution? WDRB (Lawrence Smith)

2) Facebook revolution began 10 years ago today

Facebook Turns 10: The Mark Zuckerberg Interview, Bloomberg Businessweek (Brad Stone and Sarah Frier)

How Facebook changed our lives, USA Today (Marco della Cavo)

6 new facts about Facebook, Pew Research Center (Aaron Smith)

3) Gallup study shows the Bible Belt is still there, but slowly slipping

Mississippi Most Religious State, Vermont Least Religious, Gallup (Frank Newport)

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