The Briefing 02-03-14

The Briefing 02-03-14

1) How much do Super Bowl advertisers think your attention is worth? $4 Million for 30 seconds

Super Bowl kicks off world’s richest ad game, Financial Times (Emily Steel)

In Las Vegas, Putting a Lot on the Line for the Super Bowl, New York Times (John Drape)

2) The Religion of Sport: They don’t know who their God is, but they know who their team is

Is religion losing ground to sports? Washington Post (Chris Beneke and Arthur Remillard)

3) Transgender rights leads to organized cultural insanity in Maine

Transgender student’s rights violated by bathroom ban, Maine court rules, The Guardian (Associated Press)

In Texas, jail confronts issue of inmate safety, Associated Press (Ramit Plushnick-Masti)

4) Kentucky receives $200 million from gambling revenue, while 200,000 citizens at risk of addiction

Kentucky’s problem gambling addressed, Courier-Journal (Sheldon S. Schaefer)

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