The Briefing 01-24-14

The Briefing 01-24-14

1) Elections have consequences: Virginia Attorney General won’t defend same-sex marriage ban

Even in Death, Abortion Politics Never Goes Away, New Yorker (Jeffrey Toobin and Ben Margot)

Virginia won’t defend its same-sex marriage ban, USA Today

Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional, Says Virginia Attorney General, Wall Street Journal (Associated Press)

New Virginia Attorney General Drops Defense of Gay Marriage Ban, New York Times (Timothy Williams)

2) Former Governor Bob McDonnell under federal indictment for illegal gifts

Former Va. Gov. McDonnell and wife charged in gifts case, Washington Post (Rosalind S. Helderman, Carol D. Leonnig and Sari Horwitz)

3) Court admits right for male inmate to have taxpayer funded sex change

Court upholds inmate’s right to sex change, Boston Globe (Milton J. Valencia)

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