The Briefing 01-22-14

The Briefing 01-22-14

1) 41 years after Roe v. Wade, America more, not less divided over abortion

Abortion and the American Conscience,

Even in Death, Abortion Politics Never Goes Away, New Yorker (Jeffrey Toobin and Ben Margot)

2) Abortion more than a political agenda and deeper than a religious conviction

Trending Toward Life: Roe v. Wade at 41, National Review (Chuck Donovan)

Parties Seize On Abortion Issues in Midterm Race, New York Times (Jeremy Peters)

Religion ghosts in the politics of abortion? Obviously… Get Religion (Terry Mattingly)

3) Evangelicals take growth seriously. Why? They take the gospel seriously.

When it comes to church growth, it’s not the theology, stupid, The Guardian (Andrew Brown)


R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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