The Briefing 01-20-14

The Briefing 01-20-14

1) Virginia on the front lines of same-sex marriage debate

Va. Quickly Emerging as Key in Gay Marriage Fight, Associated Press (Steve Szkotak)

2) Arguments over same-sex marriage reveal a difference of authority

Gay marriage ban: The case for, Indianapolis Star (Robert King)

Gay marriage ban: The case against, Indianapolis Star (Jon Murray)

Seminary president’s testimony against HJR 3, NUVO

Seminary Announces Sustainability Plan, Inside Indiana Business

3) On disagreements over most important issues – not two variants of one faith, but two different faiths

Frank Schaefer, Phil Robertson and the Myth of Christian Unity, Religious Dispatches (Hollis Phelps)

4) Are people with kids happier? Sorry, wrong question.

Are people without kids happier? New studies offer mixed picture, CNN (Kelly Wallace)

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