Faith and Freedom in the Public Square: An Evening I Will Share with Dennis Prager and Ross Douthat

imsis053-071A respectful conversation on the most controversial issues of our day is a rare gift. And I am looking forward to just that kind of opportunity when I will join Dennis Prager and Ross Douthat for such a conversation. It will take place next Tuesday in Alumni Chapel at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The event is presented by World Magazine and #Hashtag Productions, and the public is invited—and that pleases me.

I cannot remember when I first read material from Dennis Prager, but he is one of the most significant Jewish thinkers in America today. He has a keen mind and a generous spirit. I have enjoyed every conversation with him. He is also a nationally syndicated radio host, whose influence is massive. Similarly, Ross Douthat is one of the most influential newspaper columnists and writers in the nation today. His column in The New York Times is required reading for anyone who wants to think about the leading issues of the day. His latest book, Bad Religion, was a best-seller for all the right reasons.

Our conversation is entitled, “Faith and Freedom in the Public Square.” Warren Smith of World Magazine will emcee the evening. I want to make sure that you know about it, and that you know you are invited to join us for the evening.

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Here is the information from that site:

An Evening with Albert Mohler, Dennis Prager and Ross Douthat

Presented by World Magazine and Hashtag Productions

On Tuesday, January 28th at 7:00 pm, in Alumni Chapel on the campus of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, nationally syndicated radio show host Dennis Prager, Christian author Dr. Albert Mohler and New York Times columnist Ross Douthat will appear together on stage for a conversation about about “Faith and Freedom in the Public Square.”

Our emcee for the evening will be Warren Smith of World Magazine.

We live in trying times. Those of us who take belief in the God of the Bible seriously feel burdened by the problems that arise in our increasingly secular, pluralistic society. People are abandoning truth, Western culture is dying, and the lines between right and wrong are becoming irrevocably blurred.

The goal of this event is to allow three prominent voices in the public square—one Jewish (Prager), one evangelical Christian (Mohler), and one Catholic (Douthat)—to engage in an open, honest and entertaining dialogue about these challenges we face as a nation and civilization. This is about asking and answering tough questions in a God-honoring and purposeful way.

Tickets are $19.95 for General Admission seating, and a limited number of $64.95 VIP reserved seating (which includes admittance to a catered pre-show VIP reception with the speakers at 6:00 pm).

Alumni Chapel
2825 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40280
This event is brought to you by Hashtag Productions LLC ( and World Magazine (