The Briefing 01-16-14

The Briefing 01-16-14

1. Considering recent controversies, is “brain death” truly death?

Oakland girl’s brain death divides pro-life camp, World Magazine (Daniel James Devine)

Suing to End Life Support for Woman and Fetus, New York Times (Manny Fernandez)

2. Controversy over New York woman declaring ‘combat on her cancer’

Heroic Measures, New York Times (Bill Keller)

3. New Mexico judge rules assisted suicide an “integral fundamental right”

New Mexico Judge Affirms Right to ‘Aid in Dying’, New York Times (Eric Eckholm)

4. After deciding ‘not to die,’ Madeline Arakawa Gins dies at age 72

Madeline Arakawa Gins, Visionary Architect, Is Dead at Age 72, New York Times (Margalit Fox)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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