The Briefing 01-13-14

The Briefing 01-13-14

1. One of the lions of the 20th Century has now passed: Ariel Sharon dies at 85

Ariel Sharon, Fierce Defender of a Strong Israel, Dies at 85, New York Times (Ethan Bronner)

2. Governor Chris Christie’s senior staff cause traffic problems to ‘punish’ local mayor for not backing Christie

‘Very Sad’ Chris Christie Extends Apology in Bridge Scandal, New York Times (Marc Santora and Kate Zernike)

3. Americans lack the resolve to battle the obvious dangers of legalized marijuana

Florida should realize pot could be a windfall, Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel (Phil Latzman)

The perils of legalized pot, Washington Post (Ruth Marcus)

Let’s Not Kid Ourselves About Marijuana, Wall Street Journal (Mitchell S. Rosenthal)

4. Legalize marijuana…for theological reasons?

Marijuana: A Theology, Huffington Post (Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite)

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