The Briefing 01-08-14

The Briefing 01-08-14

1. “Jihad Jane” sentenced for plot to kill Swedish artist

‘Jihad Jane’ Sentenced to 10 Years in Plot to Kill Artist, Wall Street Journal (Ashby Jones)

2. 10 yr-old Afghan girl involved in a bombing attempt

Afghan Girl says she was sent on a suicide mission, CNN (Masoud Popaizai and Mariano Castillo)

3. More people now reject the theory of evolution

Indoctrinating Religious Warriors, New York Times (Charles Blow)

4. Jahi McMath moved to Texas

 Jahi McMath: 13-year-old brain-dead Oakland girl moved by family from hospital, Oakland Tribune (David DeBolt, Kristin J. Bender and Rick Hurd)

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