The Briefing 12-18-13

The Briefing 12-18-13

1) Mass evacuation of Christians from Middle East: “Christians are finished here”

Iraq’s battle to save its Christian souls: ‘Christians are finished here‘ The Telegraph (Colin Freeman)

Syria war fuels Christian flight from Middle East, BBC (Kevin Connolly)

2) British Supreme Court says belief in God not necessary to qualify as a religion

Scientology is a religion, rules Supreme Court, The Telegraph (John Bingham)

3) North Korean dictator executes uncle in manner reminiscent of Joseph Stalin

Three Ways to Tell if Someone Is Plotting a Coup Against You, TIME (Michael Crowley)

The Execution of Comrade Jang, Wall Street Journal (Editorial)

4) Right-to-Die attempts to exclude morality in lieu of “individual rights”

Right-to-Die Challenge Reaches Supreme Court, BBC

Assisted Suicide Ruling Cannot Ignore Right and Wrong, Says Judge, The Telegraph (John Bingham)

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