The Briefing 12-05-13

The Briefing 12-05-13

1) Would higher minimum wage really lead to the greatest human flourishing? No one really knows.

Obama throws support to minimum wage movement in economy speech, The Guardian (Paul Lewis)

 5 Facts About the Minimum Wage, Pew Research Center (Drew Desilver)

2) After over ten years, the legalization of prostitution in Germany has spun out of control

Germany to Ban ‘Flat-Rate’ Sex Offers in Brothels, The Telegraph (Associated Press)

French Prostitution Crackdown Wins Parliamentary Vote, The Financial Times (Adam Thomson)

3) Legal challenge to same-sex marriage ban in Utah

Federal judge to hear arguments in Utah same-sex marriage case, The Salt Lake Tribune (Brooke Adams)

4) Church of England  can “bless” same-sex weddings, but cannot celebrate or perform them

Church should allow blessings of gay relationships, CofE report says, The Guardian (Sam Jones)

5) At $4 million for 30 seconds, Super Bowl ads are sold out

 Super Bowl Ads Are Super Sold Out, TIME (Courtney Subramanian)



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