The Briefing 11-27-13

The Briefing 11-27-13

1) Foundations of religious liberty not found in Constitution – just recognized there

Supreme Court to Take Up Obamacare Contraception Case, CNN (Bill Mears)

Justices Will Hear Contraception Challenge to Obamacare, USA Today (Richard Wolf)

2) Biggest questions about Newtown not answered in report and cannot be answered apart from God

Sandy Hook report offers chilling details about school shooter, Los Angeles Times (Tina Susman)

The State’s Findings on Newtown, New York Times (Editorial)

3) The commercialization of Thanksgiving: 1 in 4 people plan to start shopping on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving shopping a sacrilege for some, USA Today (Jere Downs)

The Dirty Secret of Black Friday ‘Discounts’, Wall Street Journal (Suzanne Kapner)

4) Don’t reduce thankfulness to something you can schedule on the calendar

The First Thanksgiving and the Task of the Historian – A Conversation with Robert Tracy McKenzie, Thinking in Public

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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