The Briefing 11-19-13

The Briefing 11-19-13

1. On this 150th anniversary, The Gettysburg Address has not grown smaller on the historical stage, but larger 

Gettysburg Address is a sacred, but elusive text, Associated Press (Hillel Italie)

Retraction for our 1863 editorial calling Gettysburg Address ‘silly remarks‘ The Patriot News (Editorial)

Lincoln at Gettysburg Long Ago, New York Times (Editorial)

Gettysburg and the Eternal Battle for a ‘New Birth of Freedom’ Wall Street Journal (Allen C. Guelzo)

Gettysburg in American Memory – A Conversation with Historian Allen C. Guelzo, Thinking in Public

2. The fear of rival worldviews: North Korean citizens executed for possessing Bibles 

The Bible in the Bird’s Nest, Wall Street Journal (Melanie Kirkpatrick)

3. Logic of Death: Evidence unborn babies feel pain – abortion advocates recommend anesthesia 

Albuquerque becomes latest abortion battlefield, Los Angeles Times (Cindy Carcamo)

Vote Lands Albuquerque at Center of Abortion Battle, TIME (Grace Wyler)

Abortion battle goes local in New Mexico as Albuquerque votes on 20-week ban, The Washington Times (Stephen Dinan)

4. Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing, who abandoned family and young children, dies at 94

Doris Lessing, Author Who Swept Aside Convention, is Dead at 94, New York Times (Helen T. Verongos)


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