The Briefing 11-18-13

The Briefing 11-18-13

1) Thankful for rapid response and warning technology development in light of natural disasters

Tornado Outbreak Kills at Least Five in Midwest, New York Times (Emma G. Fitzsimmons)

Midwest tornadoes, winds slam towns and trucks; 5 killed in Illinois, CNN (Ted Rowlands, Catherine E. Shoichet and Steve Almasy)

Relief Supplies Pour Into Philippines, but Remote Areas Still Suffer, New York Times (Andrew Jacobs)

2) China’s infamous one-child policy slightly relieved, still infamous

China to Move Slowly on One-Child Law Reform, Wall Street Journal (Laurie Burkett)

Calculating Shift to What May Really Be 1.5-Child Policy, Wall Street Journal (Carl Bialik)

Hurdles Seen for Change to China’s One-Child Rule, New York Times (Chris Buckley)

America’s One-Child Policy, Weekly Standard (Jonathan V. Last)

America’s Coming Demographic Disaster – A Conversation with Jonathan V. Last, Thinking in Public

3) Feminists sharing abortion horror stories to overcome “stigma” of abortion. Do they succeed?

Their Abortions—What Do These Abortion Testimonies Really Reveal?,

Feminists Are Sharing Abortion Horror Stories. And That’s a Good Thing. (L.V. Anderson)

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