The Briefing 11-11-13

The Briefing 11-11-13

1. Typhoon Haiyan may be strongest storm ever to hit land. What can you do? Pray.

Typhoon Haiyan: Thousands feared dead in Philippines, BBC (Associated Press)

Worse than hell’ in typhoon-ravaged Philippines, CNN (Andrew Stevens and Paula Hancocks)

Thousands Feared Dead After Typhoon Haiyan Slams Philippines, Wall Street Journal (Josephine Cuneta and Te-Ping Chen)

2. The 75th anniversary of “Kristallnacht,” and how a society tips into madness

Germany marks Kristallnacht’s 75th anniversary asking: What tips a society in madness?, McClatchy News (Matthew Schofield)

3. “Counseling is not speech” – New Jersey upholds ban on gay conversion therapy

Judge upholds NJ ban on gay conversion therapy, Associated Press (Katie Zezima)

4. Federal court says contraception mandate “a substantial burden on religious rights”  

Appeals Court Faults Birth-Control Mandate, Wall Street Journal (Joe Palazzolo)

5. Affordable Care Act to require insurers to cover mental health “just like” other treatment 

Rules to Require Equal Coverage for Mental Ills, New York Times (Jackie Calmes and Robert Pear)

Equal Coverage for the Mentally Ill, New York Times (Editorial)

New rule requires ‘parity’ for mental health and physical health coverage, Atlanta Journal Constitution (Carrie Teegardin and Misty Williams)

6. On Veteran’s Day, remembering the Doolittle Raiders and others who gave so much

WWII Doolittle Raiders making final toast, Boston Globe (Dan Sewell)

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