The Briefing 11-07-13

The Briefing 11-07-13

1) Political shifts indicate moral shifts – New York elects decidedly liberal mayor

De Blasio is Elected New York City Mayor in Landslide, The New York Times (Michael Barbaro and David W. Chen)

New York City Takes Left Turn, Wall Street Journal (Sophia Hollander)

2) Christie wins in a commanding way as McAuliffe wins by surprisingly narrow margin

Chris Christie Coasts to 2nd Term as Governor of New Jersey, New York Times (Kate Zernike and Jonathan Martin)

Terry McAuliffe, Democrat, Is Elected Governor of Virginia in Tight Race, New York Times (Trip Gabriel)

Now Comes the Hard Part for Virginia Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe, Washington Post (Laura Vozella and Ben Pershing)

3) Casinos instead of taxes and marijuana revenue for education? Don’t be fooled. 

Colorado Voters Approve New Taxes on Recreational Marijuana, Denver Post (John Ingold)

Expansion of Gambling in New York is Approved, The New York Times (Thomas Kaplan)

New York Casinos Approved as Voters Back Colorado Pot Taxes, Bloomberg (William Selway, Amanda J. Crawford and Freeman Klopott)

4) Illinois set to legalize gay marriage while legalization becomes much harder in other states

From here on out, legalizing same-sex marriage becomes harder, Washington Post (Juliet Eilperin)

Gay Marriage Supporters Rejoice in Chicago, Chicago Tribune (Rex W. Huppke, Kim Geiger, and Manya Branchear Pashman)

Lawmakers approve gay marriage in Illinois, Chicago Tribune (Monique Garcia and Ray Long)

Ill. Set To Be 15th State To Allow Gay Marriage, Associated Press (Sophia Tareen and Kerry Lester)

Obama is proud of Illinois after same-sex marriage vote, USA Today (Aamer Madhani)

5) Colorado secession vote illustrative of political divide in entire country as 16 year olds vote in Maryland

Colorado Secession Vote Fizzles: Rural Counties Split On 51st State Initiative, Huffington Post (Matt Ferner)

16-year-olds voting? Secession? 5 Election Day oddities, USA Today (Natalie DiBlasio)


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