The Briefing 10-29-13

The Briefing 10-29-13

1) Hawaii considers becoming 15th state to legalize gay marriage

Hawaii Considers Same-Sex Marriage, TIME (Courtney Subramanian)

Hawaii begins special session on gay marriage bill, The Associated Press (Oskar Garcia)

2) Air Force Academy added “So help me God” in 1984 to strengthen oath. Now it’s optional. 

Air Force Academy drops ‘So help me God’ from honor oath, Religion News Services (Kimberly Winston)

3) NSA scandal reveals U.S.A. spying on friends

Europe should stop whining about America’s spies, Financial Times (Josef Joffe)

In Spy Uproar, ‘Everyone Does It’ Just Won’t Do, New York Times (David E Sanger)

4) Human nature – We think in ways we know don’t work

Humans Can Be Irrational, and Other Economic Insights, New York Times (Binyamin Applebaum)

Why We Make Bad Decisions, New York Times (Noreena Hertz)

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