The Briefing 10-28-13

The Briefing 10-28-13

1) The pornification of Hollywood is a matter of survival – If you are not a scandal, you become no one.

The new norm in Hollywood? Hypersexed, USA Today (Ann Oldenburg and Arienne Thompson)

When Celebrity Sex Videos Are Rated Y (for Yawn), New York Times (Alex Williams)

2) Kids are responsible for sexting, but parents are more responsible

Blame Parents, Not Kids, for Sexting, Wall Street Journal (Leonard Sax)

3) Cyber-bullying on the decline. What helped? Parents.

Poll: Cyberbullying declines while more teen victims get help, Associated Press (Anne Flaherty)

4) Newtown razing Sandy Hook, but no way to totally remove memory

Almost a Year After Massacre, Newtown Begins Razing Sandy Hook School, New York Times (James Barron)


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