The Briefing 10-25-13

The Briefing 10-25-13

1. New Mexico court to decide marriage “once and for all.” Really? 

New Mexico Justices to Rule on Gay Marriage, New York Times (Fernanda Santos)

2. 13 year old boy shot and killed by deputies in San Francisco for carrying toy gun

Boy, 13, Carrying Toy Guns Is Shot Dead by Deputies, New York Times (Malia Wollan)

3. Air Force Academy under fire for pledge including: “so help me God.”

Foundation protesting ‘so help me God’ in Air Force Academy pledge, Colorado Springs Gazette (Tom Roeder)

4. Heavy donor pressure for Republicans to move toward “center” on gay rights. Where is the center?

Gay rights supporter wage a quiet campaign to push Republicans to the middle, Washington Post (Peter Wallsten)

Why the GOP should embrace gay rights, Denver Post (Editorial)

5. The Vatican gets a cricket team

Vatican fields cricket club in bid for dialogue with other faiths as sport and religion merge, Washington Post

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