The Briefing 10-21-13

The Briefing 10-21-13

1. New Jersey court legalizes same-sex marriage immediately, without a vote 

New Jersey same-sex marriages can begin Monday, state Supreme Court rules, The Washington Post (Aaron Blake and Juliet Eilperin)

2. Saudi Arabia gains a seat on the U.N. security council – then rejects it

Saudi Arabia Rejects U.N. Security Council Seat in Protest Move, New York Times (Robert F. Worth)

3. Ancient skull discovery suggests single human species

Skull Fossil Suggests Simpler Human Lineage, New York Times (John Noble Wilford)

Skull Suggests Single Human Species Emerged From Africa, Not Several, Wall Street Journal (Robert Lee Holtz)

4. Facebook makes teen posts public. Do parents care?

Facebook’s New Teen Policy Draws Fire, Wall Street Journal (Reed Albergotti)

5. Advertisers moving to mobile devices for ad space 

The media has a message … Fortune (Ryan Bradley)

6. The world produces enough food for the world but about a billion people are still going hungry

How to Feed the World, New York Times (Mark Bittman)

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