The Briefing 10-17-13

The Briefing 10-17-13

1) Debt deal another exercise in artificial politics

 At 11th Hour, G.O.P. Blinks in Standoff, New York Times (Jonathan Weisman and Jennifer Steinhauer)

Senate Leaders Reach Bipartisan Deal, Wall Street Journal (Kristina Peterson and Janet Hook)

Why Conservatives Should End the Debt Ceiling Debate,

2) National march towards legalized gay marriage continues in Michigan and North Carolina

Michigan’s 2004 Gay Marriage Ban Faces Challenge, Associated Press (Ed White)

Federal judge expected to rule on Michigan’s gay marriage ban today, Detroit Free Press (Tresa Baldas)

Same-sex couples test North Carolina gay marriage ban, USA Today (Associated Press)

3) What is racial equality? Equality of opportunity or equality of outcome?

On Affirmative Action, the Court Tackles A Deceptively Simple Question, The Atlantic (Garrett Epps)

4) What does Google think is evil? Whatever it’s not doing. 

What is ‘Evil’ to Google? The Atlantic (Ian Bogost)

5) Porn is a problem long before it’s revenge porn

Fighting Back Against Revenge Porn, New York Times (Editorial)

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