The Briefing 10-15-13

The Briefing 10-15-13

1) Oldest living Nazi war criminal dies, remorseless until the end

War criminal Erich Priebke dies at 100; Nazi captain convicted in 1995, Los Angeles Times

Erich Priebke, Nazi Who Carried Out Massacre of 335 Italians, Dies at 100, New York Times (Alison Smale)

2) Dehumanization of victims essential to commit murder…and abortion

Behind Flurry of Killing, Potency of Hate, New York Times (Katrin Behold)

3) Story of Baby Hope reminder that sanctity of life cries out for justice

As Police Chased Leads About ‘Baby Hope,’ Those Who Knew Her Kept Quiet, New York Times (J. David Goodman)

4) Sin takes hold of the very young; 11-year-old guilty of conspiracy to commit murder of “annoying” girl

Wash. Boy, 11, Found Guilty of Murder Conspiracy, Associated Press

5) Inter-faith marriage primary threat to Judaism

American Jews carve out faith different than parents’ Courier Journal (Peter Smith)

6) Where you attend college has tremendous impact on who you will marry

Looking to get married? Try a Christian college, Religion News Service (Katherine Burgess)

7) Bishop Spong’s once shockingly liberal views now common

An aging maverick, Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong has no regrets, Religion News Services (David Gibson)

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