The Briefing 10-11-13

The Briefing 10-11-13

1) Extend crisis deadline? Politics as theatre is growing tiresome and frustrating.

GOP to Propose Temporary Debt-Ceiling Increase, Wall Street Journal (Patrick O’Connor, Siobhan Hughes, and Damian Paletta)

2) Are we witnessing a meltdown of the constitutional order?

The Shutdown Prophet, New York Magazine (Jonathan Chait)

3) New law in California permits non-physicians to perform abortions

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill to increase access to abortions, LA Times (Patrick McGreevy and Anthony York)

California governor signs bills to tackle state’s water crisis, Reuters (Sharon Bernstein)

4) Offer a chance for women seeking abortion to see ultrasound? No, they might feel guilty.

With New Abortion Restrictions, Ohio Walks a Narrow Legal Line, New York Times (Erik Eckholm)

5) Breakthroughs in prenatal screening allow for greater detection, and abortion, of babies with Down Syndrome

Breakthroughs in Prenatal Screening, New York Times (Jane E Brody)

6) Former Detroit mayor sentenced to 28 years

Former Detroit Mayor Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison, The Washington Post (Sean Sullivan)

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