The Briefing 10-04-13

The Briefing 10-04-13

1. Tragedy in DC and resulting social media/cable news frenzy

Woman slain after car chase from White House to Capitol, USA Today (Kevin Johnson, Donna Leinwand, Doug Stanglin)

Shots fired at Capitol after chase from White House, Washington Post (Ed O’Keefe, Peter Hermann and David A. Fahrenthold)

2. Politicians attempt compromise with an eye to re-election 

Government shutdown: Obama cancels Asia trip, standoff continues, CNN (Tom Cohen, Deirdre Walsh and Ed Payne)

3. Wendy Davis uses abortion filibuster fame as springboard for Texas governor run 

Wendy Davis announces run for Texas governor, Washington Post (Sean Sullivan)

4. Lawyer who won national case banning school prayer dies at age 88

Leonard Kerpelman, Who led School Prayer Case, Dies at 88, New York Times (John Schwartz)

5. Charter of Quebec Values and religious liberty confusion in Canada

Former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau chides PQ for overreaching with values charter, Ottawa Citizen (PostMedia News)

6. Bishop warns against gambling, then calls it a morally neutral act

As Casino Vote Nears, Bishops Warn of Social Risks, New York Times (Jesse McKinley)

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