The Briefing 09-19-13

The Briefing 09-19-13

1. More than an economic problem: The “lost” generation

A generation ‘lost’ in the Job Hunt, Wall Street Journal (Ben Casselman and Marcus Walker)

2. After a “he-cession,” we are having a “she-covery”

Women outrun men in regaining jobs since recession, Associated Press (Paul Wiseman and Chris Rugaber)

3. Re-marriage rates on the decline because of cohabitation

Remarriage rate declining as more opt for cohabitation, USA Today (Sharon Jayson)

4. 1 0f 10 high school students extreme binge drinking

1 in 10 high school seniors are extreme binge drinking, USA Today (Nancy Hellmich)

5. Mayor of Minneapolis using same-sex marriage as a selling point for his city

Seeking the Riches of Gay Marriage, New York Times (Editorial Board)

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