The Briefing 09-16-13

The Briefing 09-16-13

1. 50th anniversary of 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

Birmingham Sunday, New York Times (Editorial Board)

2. Epic floods in Colorado reminder humans not in control

More than 1,000 unaccounted for in deadly Colo. floods, USA Today (Gary Stoller)

Rain slows rescue efforts amid deadly Colorado floods, CNN (David Simpson. Nick Valencia and Emma Lacey-Bordeaux)

3. 5th anniversary of Wall Street collapse: Have we learned anything?

The Myth of Financial Reform, Time (Rana Foroohar)

4. Sexual Misconduct Guide at Yale University

Yale Tries to Clarify What Sexual Misconduct Is in a New Guide, New York Times (Ariel Kaminer)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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