The Briefing 09-11-13

The Briefing 09-11-13

1. Americans unconvinced by Obama’s arguments for action in Syria

Presidential Address: Full Transcript, Washington Post

Obama’s Syria speech unlikely to sway a skeptical public, Los Angeles Times (Evan Halper)

Russia and Syria Welcome Kerry Demand on Chemical Arms, The New York Times (Michael R. Gordon and Steven Lee Myers)

CNN Poll: Public Against Syria Strike Resolution, CNN (Paul Steinhauser and John Helton)

2. Voters in New York select most liberal candidate of a liberal pool

Liberal de Blasio leads New York democratic mayoral primary, Reuters (Edith Honan and Hilary Russ)

De Blasio’s Lead Built Across Wide Swath of City, Wall Street Journal (Michael Howard Saul)

3. Shocking reality: 80% of students involved in sexting

Men expect better things from sexting than women do, Washington Post (Rachel Rettner)

4. Pornographic films temporarily halted due to H.I.V. outbreak

Sex films halted after a string of positive H.I.V. Tests, New York Times (Ian Lovett)

4. LEGO creates a female scientist figurine



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