The Briefing 09-09-13

The Briefing 09-09-13

1) Syria: Argument for state sovereignty winning over argument for human rights

There is no one left to enforce the global rules, Financial Times (Philip Stevens)

Germany’s Conspicuous Silence, New York Times (Roger Cohen)

2) Syrian Christians fleeing one of the last villages on earth where Aramaic still spoken

Christians flee Syria village that speaks the language of Jesus, The Telegraph (Ruth Sherlock and Magdy Samaan)

3) Atheistic Judaism: “Happy to credit God, even if He doesn’t exist.” 

You’re welcome! Once-a-year Jews find wide embrace, Associated Press (Rachel Zoll)

High holidays for Jewish atheists, Washington Post (Herb Silverman)

4) History is closer than we like to think: The tale of Hitler’s bodyguard

Rochus Misch, Bodyguard of Hitler, Dies at 96, New York Times (Margalit Fox)

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