The Briefing 09-05-13

The Briefing 09-05-13

1) Nations with greatest influence must have greatest commitment to justice

Obama complicates Syria response, USA Today (Editorial)

Israelis worry about U.S.-Syria amid missile test, USA Today (Michele Chabin and Kim Hjelmgaard)

On Syria, a U.N. Vote Isn’t Optional, New York Times (Oona A Hathaway and Scott J Shapiro)

2) Christians should never celebrate suicide. Even the suicide of Ariel Castro. 

Ariel Castro Commits Suicide, Hangs Himself with Bedsheet, Officials Say, The Los Angeles Times (Michael Muskal and Matt Pearce)

3) Auschwitz guards prosecuted seventy years after crimes

Investigators recommend charges against 30 Auschwitz guards, USA Today (Jennifer Collins)

4) Religious liberty means nothing if not extended to small business owners

Gresham Bakery That Denied Service To Same-Sex Couple Closes, KATU

“It is the Price of Citizenship”?—An Elegy for Religious Liberty in America,

5) France successfully brings back wolf population – then reminded that wolves eat sheep

As Wolves Return to French Alps, a Way of Life Is Threatened, New York Times (Scott Sayare)



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