The Briefing 08-26-13

The Briefing 08-26-13

1. Syrian regime crosses Obama’s “red line,” by using chemical weapons against own people

William Hague: choice between military strikes on Syria or allowing tyrants to use chemical weapons, The Telegraph (Tim Ross)

A step too far, The Economist (Editorial)

A Sharp Shift in Tone on Syria From the White House, New York Times (Scott Shane and Ben Hubbard)

2. Hasan and Bales: Similar crimes but very different trials

Nidal Hasan convicted of Fort Hood killings, Washington Post (Billy Kenber)

Villagers unsatisfied by life sentence for Bales, Associated Press (Gene Johnson)

3. Would you save your pet’s life before a human life? Popular answer may surprise you. 

Mind & Matter: Our unique obsession with Rover and Fluffy, Wall Street Journal (Robert Sapolsky)


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