The Briefing 08-19-13

The Briefing 08-19-13

1) American foreign policy: speak loudly and carry very little at all

Egypt braces for more violence after deadly week, USA Today (Sarah Lynch)

Thrust Into Nonstop Turmoil, an Obama Adviser Counsels Pragmatism, New York Times (Mark Landler)

2)  “Biggest wave of violence against Christians in Egypt’s modern history”

Christians targeted in communal violence in Egypt, Financial Times (Heba Saleh)

3) Universal child care and “living” wagesTrying to heal the broken family economically

Crushed by the Cost of Child Care, New York Times (Alissa Quart)

The Conservative case for a living wage, New Statesman (Guy Opperman)


R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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