The Briefing 08-15-13

The Briefing 08-15-13

1) Egyptian government cracks down on protests

Egypt Imposes State of Emergency After 95 People Killed, Reuters (Yasmine Saleh and Tom Finn)

Egypt Troops in Deadly Crackdown on Protestors, Wall Street Journal (Maria Abi-Habib and Leila Elmergawi)

2) U.S. Attempting to broker Israeli/Palestinian talks

Israelis and Palestinians Meet For Peace Talks, The Guardian (Harriet Sherwood)

3) 50 Shades author makes $95 million providing pornography to new population segment

E.L. James Made $95 Million in a Year, Making Her Forbes’s Top-Earning Author, The Washington Post (Jessica Goldstein)

4) Same-Sex couples granted military leave to travel and marry in states where it’s legal

Same-Sex Couples Get Pentagon Leave to Marry Where It’s Legal, Bloomberg Businessweek (Megan O’Neil)

5)¬†States with legal same-sex marriage have “professional and financial advantage”

Gay Marriage Shows States Luring Discriminated Couples, Bloomberg (Victoria Stilwell and Meera Louis)

6) Low birthrate creating economic crisis in Germany

Germany Fights Population Drop, New York Times (Suzanne Daley and Nicholas Kulish)

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