The Briefing 08-13-13

The Briefing 08-13-13

1) Bulger conviction reveals moral order even in organized crime

Whitey Bulger found guilty of racketeering, conspiracy, USA Today (G. Jeffrey MacDonald)

Boston gangster Bulger convicted of murder and racketeering, Reuters (Scott Malone)

2) Wed-leases, monogamish, and throuples: the linguistic and moral revolution

It’s wedlock vs. wedlease, Courier Journal (Paul Rampell)

Redefine Marriage, Debase Language?  National Review (Ryan T Anderson)

3) Australian Prime Minister promises legal same-sex marriage in 100 days if re-elected

Kevin Rudd Pledges Same-Sex Marriage Bill in First 100 Days if Re-Elected, The Guardian (Lenore Taylor)

4) NYT op-ed argues the “liberation” of assisted suicide should not be prosecuted

Fatal Mercies, New York Times (Frank Bruni)

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