The Briefing 08-06-13

The Briefing 08-06-13

1. The “other shoe” is dropping: Same-sex marriage decisions quickly extending to state courts

Judges extend Supreme Court DOMA ruling, Wall Street Journal (Ashby Jones)

2. Government matchmakers: South Korea arranges government dating parties

Mom wants you to be Married? So does the state, New York Times (Su-Hyun Lee)

3. The rise of “Mooching Millenials”

The rise of the mooching millennial, Fortune (Nin-Hai Tseng)

4. China reviews “improving size and quality” of devastating one-child policy

China: Measures to ‘Improve’ One-Child Policy Are Under Review, Wall Street Journal (Liyan Qi)

5. US allows Thor’s hammer to be etched on the grave stones of fallen veterans

How Thor’s Hammer Became an Approved Symbol by the VA, PRI (Nina Porzucki)

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