The Briefing 08-02-13

The Briefing 08-02-13

1) Ariel Castro: the limitations of human justice and the inadequacy of therapeutic culture

Cleveland Kidnapper Claims He’s ‘Not a Monster’ at Hearing, The New York Times (Trip Gabriel and Timothy Williams)

Kidnapper Ariel Castro, Who Held Three Women Captive for a Decade, Gets Life in Prison, The Washington Post (Debbi Wilgoren)

2) Same-Sex Marriage now legal in Minnesota and Rhode Island

States deal with gay marriage aftermath, BBC (Kate Dailey)

Gay Couples Marry in Minn., RI, USA Today (Associated Press)

3) American fertility rate rises for first time in 25 years

Fertility forecast: Baby bust is over; births will rise, USA Today (Cathy Payne)

America’s Coming Demographic Disaster — A conversation with Jonathan V. Last,

4) Gun permits surge in Newtown Connecticut

In Newtown, Gun Permits Surge, The Wall Street Journal (Joseph De Avila & Alison Fox)

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