The Briefing 06-28-13 — Final Episode of the Season

The Briefing 06-28-13 — Final Episode of the Season

The next episode of The Briefing will be available August 1st. 

1) Landmark immigration legislation passes Senate

Immigration overhaul: Senate passes historic bill, Associated Press (David Espo and Erica Werner)

Immigration Overhaul Passes in Senate, New York Times (Ashley Parker)

Is demography really destiny? A Conversation with Joel Kotkin,

2) Obama’s confusing and potentially dangerous remarks about all states recognizing same-sex marriage

Obama, in Africa, Praises US Ruling on Gay Marriage, New York Times (Michael D. Shear)

3) GOP to de-emphasize message on marriage, reminding Christians no political party serves our interest

Gay marriage unlikely to be a focus of 2014 elections, Politico (James Hormann)

4) United States theological divide more fundamental than political divide

National Cathedral Celebrates Supreme Court Rulings with LGBT Service, African Drums, The Institute on Religion and Democracy (Jeffrey Walton)

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